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Stage Names for Pole Dance

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Stage Names for a Spectacular Pole Performance

Learning to do pole dance tricks is one thing. Putting together an entire pole dance performance? That’s a completely different ball game. Executing a great dance performance begins with having the proper mindset. When your mind is in the game, you’re going to be able to perform with grace and ease that amplifies your delivery – even if you’re just performing in sweats and a tank top.

You Wouldn’t Recognize Your Everyday Pole Dancer

Have you ever seen a pole dancer in public? I’m sure you have – you just didn’t recognize her. Pole dancers are seen at the bank, the grocery, and even dropping their children off at school. The reason you can’t immediately recognize them is because they’re hiding in plain sight.

Pole dancers aren’t themselves during a performance. We all tend to take on a secret alter ego, someone sexy, bold, and athletic, when we’re performing. Everything from our costumes to our makeup – even our moves and our stage names – they’re cultivated to highlight an alter ego we’ve created for these special moments. Now, not every pole dancer has a full-blown separate personality, however, we all have different sides to ourselves which are reserved for special moments – and this, my dear, is how pole dancers literally walk past you every day undetected.

Choosing Your Stage Name: It’s a Mind Game, Honey

Pole dance is a performance. It’s an act, an opportunity to become another person. To facilitate your transformation, a “stage name” makes the change tangible – so that’s the first thing we’re going to discuss.

Let’s start with adjectives. You can select an adjective that reflects your actual personality – Sparkly, Spicy, or Sexy. You can also opt to choose something that more or less reflects who you’d like to be – Elegant, Graceful, or Juicy, for example.

Standard stripper names that are sexy, girly, and bubbly also impart wonderful personality. What names sound vivacious and tantalizing to you? Popular names are Cherry, Bunny, Candy, Coco, Amber, and Amy – but it’s okay if you have another name in mind. Even normal names like Lacy, Veronica, Vida, Ashley, Lauren, and Jennifer have a sweet and alluring girl-next-door appeal. As long as it feels good when you put it on, that’s really all that matters.

Some ladies go all the way into the land of sexiness and mix things up with deliberately exotic names. Cinnamon, Sugar Baby, Aurora Sky, and Buxum Brittney are all examples of names we’ve heard – and loved – in our studio. (Oh, and Sexual Chocolate – no lie, we had a girl who referred to herself as such! She was a riot!)

One last rule you could use to creating your stripper's name is mixing the name of your favorite pet, or your middle name, with the childhood street you lived on. Careful though – this method may backfire if you end up with something weird and unsexy, like Mittens Magee.

It’s all about Having Fun

At the end of the day, your stage name isn’t some big chore or necessity. You can design a wonderful stage name that’s as simple, sexy, or sophisticated as you would like. You can also just opt to be yourself – not everyone needs a stage name. But it’s definitely a tool many women use to relax and perform their pole dance routines.

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