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Why You Should Start Pole Dancing ASAP

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Once upon a time, the phrase “pole dancing” conjured mental images of scantily clad women working sleazy bars for rent money. Not anymore. Taking a pole class isn’t as unrespectable or scandalous as previously assumed. Women from all walks of life attend classes, regardless.

Pole Dance Promotes Weight Loss & Body Sculpting

There’s an awful, uninformed assumption that pole dance is frivolously easy, and simply requires you to shimmy and twirl on a pole. We’re here to tell you this is so not the case.

On average, pole dance burns 450 calories per hour, which is the approximate equivalent of football or tennis. Further, pole dance requires enormous muscle strength. Pole is a perfect synergy of cardio and weightlifting that provides a full-body workout that engages your core, arms, legs, and back. This type of fluid strength and dynamic bodybuilding has benefits that can’t be acquired through static weight-lifting movements at the gym or your average step aerobics class.

Pole Dance Increases Flexibility

One of the sexiest things about dancers is that they have fluid movements and limber bodies. From warm-ups to actual moves, participation in a pole dance fitness course requires you to stretch and expand your range of flexibility. Learning to perform splits, backbends, and other pole movements is necessary for optimal performance. Improved flexibility also means increased balance, coordination, and range of motion.

Pole Dance Increases Confidence

Pole dance, like any other exercise, jolts your body with an endorphin rush that uplifts your well-being with joyfulness and a positive state of mind. Further, the increased knowledge of your body’s capabilities – its abilities to lift, spin, and move flexibly – increases your feelings of power and self-confidence, as you’re able to master moves you may have never known you were capable of.

Pole’s progressive aspect also strengthens your confidence because no matter how long you do it, there’s always more to learn and master, which keeps you engaged, challenged – and let’s face it – downright addicted for years. You’ll never get bored or tired with the pole, which means you’ll remain consistent with your workout.

Pole Dances Increase Your Sense of Femininity

Make no mistake – we’re not trying to say you aren’t feminine, to begin with. You are. Femininity is a natural part of your nature that neither pole nor we take credit for. There’s something to be said, however, about the countless numbers of women reporting regular class attendance as the reason for increased sexual magnetism, body confidence, and heightened sensuality. Yes, it’s true: pole dance is a great way to get a strong, sexy body while boosting your personal awareness levels of femininity and sexiness.

There’s so much we could tell you about the benefits of pole dance fitness and why you should take pole dance classes ASAP. But why wait? Take a class now. Our pole dance classes for beginners in Los Angeles are available every single week – and that’s in addition to loads of other dance fitness classes designed to magnify your feminine mystique with an electrifying snap, crackle, and pop.

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