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Why You Don’t Need to be Skinny to Start Pole Dancing

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

One of the most common reasons women tell me they are hesitant to try pole dancing is that they believe they must first lose weight. I completely understand where you’re coming from with this logic. People think that being strong entails being skinny and that only thin people pole dance. This statement is entirely false!

Let’s look at why you can work the pole at any size.

First and foremost. Women believe that pole dancing requires them to be skinny due to unrealistic beauty and fitness standards. A size two can’t and won’t be achieved by anyone who exercises.

There are a lot of factors that go into fitness on the inside of the body, and it’s pretty unfair to normal-sized women that the only images shown in fitness are of small people.

Unfortunately, the pole dance world can fall into the trap of thinking that the only people who represent the sport are petite and skinny, but this is far from the case!

I know a lot of women of all shapes and sizes who enjoy pole dancing and excel at it! I wish that this image of everyone being small would vanish because it is far from accurate.

We have been brainwashed in our society to believe that a “sexy” body type is one with perky boobs, a tiny waist, a flat stomach, and a round behind. This isn’t correct. Regardless of how it appears, your body type is sexy enough for pole dancing.

It is a complete mental block to believe that you must be skinny to start, as most people are physically capable of doing so. You are healthy enough for pole dance if you are healthy enough for traditional exercise.

Any pole dance instructor will be happy to work around a student’s doctor’s orders and instructions if the student wants to start pole dancing but has doctor’s orders and instructions on what the student can and cannot do.

Some women are worried that the pole won’t be strong enough to support their weight. When you see people fall off the pole on YouTube or other online videos, it’s rarely because of their weight.

Frequently, the pole becomes disconnected due to poor installation or incorrect technique. Poles do not fall when they are properly installed.

If you’re taking classes at a studio, the chances of the pole falling are even lower because most studio poles are permanently mounted to the ceiling, and would take a lot of force to knock them down.

If you think the pole will fall because of your weight isn’t a good reason not to try a pole dance class.

You don’t have to be a specific size, weight, or height to participate. To push your body to new fitness levels, all you need is the willingness to try something new.

Once you begin pole dancing, you will be amazed at how much your body can accomplish at any size. It makes no difference what your starting weight is; what matters is how you feel about yourself and how you will feel once you begin pole dancing.

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