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Why Pole Inversions Rock

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

One of the more distinct aspects of pole dance is inversion. Inversions tone, stretch and increase flexibility through inverted movements such as back bends, handstands, headstands, and inverted snake moves.

Inversions rock because they force you to not only become aware and present in your body but to strengthen it as well. Inversions require core strength and flexibility; therefore, your development for routines includes proper exercise techniques to perfect your form and posture, flexibility, and upper body balances – much like those seen in gymnastics, acrobatics, and dancehall movements.

The greatest aspect of inverted work, however, is learning how to control your body. Inverts seem careless and carefree like you just have to run up on a pole and kick yourself into an invert – and this isn’t the case. Proper inverts involve high levels of muscle control, focus, and positioning. They’re dangerous when performed incorrectly – and can lead to serious injuries, including back injuries.

Proper conditioning is necessary for mastering inverts. This is where we recommend Invert Flow classes to help you develop your muscle strength and flexibility. Our instructor Peppa helps you establish the strength needed to build powerful inverts on a strong foundation. Once this is established, she guides you into flowing moves using various leg, hip, and arm positions to help you whine, twerk, and split in inverted positions.

Once you’re past the Pole Virgin stage, Open Inversions and Climbing is the next step. During this class, you’ll focus on strengthening your upper and lower body and your core, then the proper way to climb and invert. This is a progressive class, so the customized focus is given to challenge you without boredom or intimidation.

If you’re ready to rock out your inversions, Evolve is the place to be. Our Invert Flow and Contortion classes are held Thursdays at 6 PM in our Los Angeles, California studio.

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