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Pole Dancing Tips for First Timers and Beginners

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

To understand pole dancing, you must first try to distance yourself from the stripper myth. It’s a sport, a fitness journey, and performance art all rolled into one. Vertical dance and pole sport are two other terms for pole dancing.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term pole dance? Most guys would probably imagine a sexy dancer on a pole in some dimly lit location.

It’s not just about sensuality anymore. I highly recommend attending a live pole dancing event to watch the professionals. Because of the core-centric nature of pole dancing, you will be rewarded with genuinely unique bodies in addition to a fun way to exercise.

So, you’ve started learning pole dancing or are about to attend your first class? Here are some simple but essential safety tips for first-timers and beginners to keep you safe.

1. Prepare Yourself

Pole dancing combines resistance training and cardio into a highly effective full-body workout. The exercises require you to be able to handle your entire body weight, and it is an incredible display of strength. However, it’s a long way from here, and you should be mentally and physically prepared from the start.

One thing is sure: you will be bruised numerous times. Furthermore, after the first few lessons, you will experience severe pain throughout your entire body, particularly in your arms. Pole dancing is entirely normal.

If you continue to practice, the pain will gradually subside (once again, under supervision with good guidance). Soon, you’ll notice how pole dancing changes your body.

2. Wear The Right Clothes

Remember that training for pole dancing does not require you to remove any clothing. When you start taking pole classes, your fitness shorts or roll-up pants and tank top will be enough. Start with whatever fitness outfit makes you feel most at ease.

As your pole dancing journey progresses, you’ll most likely want to purchase pole wear such as pole tops, shorts, and beautiful outfits. Pole wear also allows more skin to grip the pole than fitness pants or tank tops do.

3. Take One Step At A Time

You may be tempted as a beginner to reach the same level as soon as possible. So you get excited, train hard, and grow quickly, but chances are you push yourself beyond your limits, which is the quickest way to get injured.

Begin slowly, gradually increasing your strength, and master those beginner moves with grace and ease before progressing to more challenging moves.

Try not to compare yourself to other students in class. Your physical appearance has no bearing on your learning ability. You can feel good, bad, sexy, or even awkward around the pole, and that’s okay.

4. Avoid Using Skin Moisturizers Before Class

The lotion significantly reduces your grip while practicing and leaves the pole slippery afterward. Always clean your pole before, during, and after class to ensure maximum grip and remove excess oil buildup from your skin.

You will often have to share a pole with other students in the class. The oils and grease on the pole can cause slips and slides, impairing your performance and being extremely dangerous.

5. Choose A Qualified Instructor In A Studio or Private Class

You can learn pole dancing in a studio, with private lessons, or at home with online lessons (you’ll need your own pole, of course).

There are various types of pole classes to choose from, including pole fitness, exotic pole with heels, dance techniques such as ballet, and others. Online pole dancing lessons are an excellent supplement to in-person instruction. They are also useful when there is no nearby pole dancing studio. You can learn at your own pace and are not likely to be intimidated by your classmates.


So, there you have it: five-pointers to help you get ready for your first pole dancing lesson. It’s a challenging but rewarding bodyweight workout that women and men should try. I hope this helps you feel more at ease with pole dancing lessons. Continue your excellent work!

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