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Do Men Pole Dance?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Several months ago, we starred in an BuzzFeed’s “Guys Try Pole Dancing for the First Time.” Just under 3 minutes, this entertaining video highlighted the hilarity that ensued as several regular guys tried their hand at pole dancing. By the end of the video, several of the participants had a newfound respect for pole dancing – and many people wondered:

Do men really pole dance?

Yes, men do pole dance – and some are pretty damn good at it.

“Pole dancing is seen as a women’s sport,” says Matty Shields, a male professional pole dancer. “It is still women-dominated.” Shields adds pole dancing can be a “very masculine sport” and a form of “artistic expression.”

Admittedly, men do have a bit of an upper hand when it comes to pole dancing. Men generally possess higher levels of upper body strength, which allows them to master a variety of traditional pole moves with ease.

In terms of whether men who pole dance are effeminate or homosexual, this is a fallacy also. There are plenty of heterosexual men – and men from all walks of life – who indulge in pole dancing. Pole provides amazing opportunities for strength training in a full-body workout. Plus, it complements many other forms of dance, including breakdance and street dance, in which many men participate in.

Men Pole Dance at Evolve

Our male pole dance members who come to class share their reasons for taking up pole dancing at Evolve. “[I was] another guy here looking for a new body weight challenge and definitely got it!” writes John L. on his Yelp review. “Intro to the pole was a comprehensive workout that focused on muscles I wouldn’t get to use as much otherwise. Not only was the instructor, Lori, very helpful and informative but the other students were friendly and inviting.” In addition to his love of our highly maintained studio, John said he’s planning to come again, adding that Evolve's atmosphere was “warm and intriguing–great for anyone tired of stuffy crowded gyms and wanting to try something new.”

Our Doors are Open…

Evolve believes in an open-door atmosphere. Anyone may walk through our doors to enjoy a pole dance workout, regardless of their size, shape, or gender. We have also booked male pole dance and bachelor parties – and have tons of fun doing it.

P.S. Check out Wall Street Journal feature on Men Pole Dancing here:

(Note: please adjust this to fit the truth. I assume men are allowed to pole dance here, however, you may have special classes for them etc.)

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