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Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Dancehall is one of the world’s most festive styles of dance. Originating from the Caribbean, dancehall music and moves are seen all over the tropics, especially on islands like Jamaica, where it all began.

Dancehall is a sexy style of dance that requires you to use fluid hip movements and body isolations. Your movements can roll sensuously into one another or split apart into highly rhythmic, isolated ticks that are just as enchanting.

Have you been interested in learning moves seen in music videos with stars like Rihanna, Elephant Man, and Sean Paul? Dancehall moves seem intimidating, but they’re truly not.

Set to the hottest dancehall rhythms, Dancehall class with Peppa Pou gives you the chance to really break down each and every one of those crazy wild moves without breaking too much of a sweat.

Learn to roll, rock, drop and whine with ease in a laidback class format that takes you out of your mind and into the music. Peppa’s not only a natural at this, but the Belizean-born beauty has several nods throughout California as one of the state’s top dancehall queens.

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