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Wanna Learn How To Twerk?

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Learn How to Twerk!

You Wanna learn How to Twerk?  That’s why you’re on this blog post right? There’s no need to Google, search around or drive super far to learn how to twerk, we have the best twerking classes and we are located in the heart of Los Angeles at Pico and Fairfax.  We’ve taught thousands of people how to twerk, pole dance and be sexy.  It’s your turn now!

how to twerk best classes in Los Angeles

Did you know twerking has been around forever, even though it’s one of the newest crazes? It’s a legit fitness class even though it seems as though you are just popping your booty up and down.  Trust us it’s much more to twerking than that. It’s a fusion of dance, cardio fitness, and fun, you’ll burn around 5oo calories per class.  Our classes focus on toning your glutes, thighs, hamstrings, and calves and making you sexified!

What happens in Twerk Classes?

Here’s what will happen in your first class. Prepare to enter with an open mind and leave with an admirable arsenal of tricks to amaze and tantalize yourself and your lover! First, your instructor will stretch and warm up your muscles, then it’s on to the meat and bones of the class.  You’ll learn how to isolate your butt muscles to make your booty pop or bounce, it’s quite electrifying and satisfying to see your butt cheeks bounce, make sure to wear shorts so you can see the action in the mirror.  Also, bring kneepads or you can rent them at the front desk for $4.  Next, you’ll move on to learning the dance techniques to combine all the moves you’ve learned into a sexy choreographed routine.

Don’t sleep Twerking is a perfect complement to all styles of pole dancing because it’s moves are erotic and playful, giving them the ability to be scaled up and down to enhance and match your routine.

Do you have any specials?

If you’re a Boss Babe try our 2 Week Trial Membership for $69, you can try all of our classes like Pole Dance, Splits and Flexibility, Striptease or Chair Dance. You can also join a group class for $29 for each session.

We also offer private training sessions if you would like one on one instruction.   You can go all out and make it a party for a birthday or bachelorette/bride to be.  Let us know how we can help you become a sexy beast, we are here for you.

Call your girls and come to get a full-body workout and learn how to twerk while getting fit! Step out of your comfort zone and step into a pure unadulterated living!  All your girls will want to be like you, they might envy you low-key!  Sign up now!

What to wear to classes!

Please Note: Our classes have music that contains explicit and raunchy lyrics. Remember we suggest that you wear shorts and wear kneepads.   If you don’t have either you can rent them at Evolve before class.

How to sign up?

For more information call 323.230.9605 or sign up now at  Keep in mind it is always best to schedule your classes in advance at Evolve.

Guys are welcome!

More questions? 

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