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Me? Pole Dancing Classes?

Say YES to Yourself! Give yourself permission to indulge in activities that make you feel and look good.

Sometimes, we're stuck in a place because we fear moving forward with an idea like pole dancing, because we fear:

  • Not being thin enough

Pole Dancing is a total body workout

  • Not having rhythm or coordination

We love beginners, were here for you

  • Being young enough

We’ve got clients over 80 years old

  • Flexible enough

Our training will increase your flexibility and mobility

  • Not knowing anyone

Our community is so welcoming, you will feel right at home

But let us assure you of this - the ONLY way to become unstuck and give yourself permission is to MOVE.

Not only do we teach pole dance classes, we offer pole parties, private classes, chair, floor work, twerk, private infrared saunas, weight loss and nutrition, and more.

We are in Mid City Los Angeles, so If you are thinking "I wonder if these class are near me". Yep, we are.

Want to chat about it? Text us at ‪(252) 987-4174‬ or call us at (323) 230-9605 to schedule a discovery visit at Evolve.

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