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Thank you so much for allowing us to share more information wih you about our client ambassador program. You are receiving this letter because we have identified you as someone who is a leader within our fitness community. Here at Evolve Sanctuary, we believe a supportive community makes a big difference when it comes to making a transformation.

We Believe This Role Is Important Because:

  1. Most of our successful clients have mentioned that the positive support of the community is what helped them follow through with their goals.

  2. It helps a new client transition more easily into our program without feeling overwhelmed.

Please read the following below to learn more about the program. We hope that you will join us in carrying out our mission to {YOURMISSIONSTATEMENT}

What Are The Expectations & Goals Of Being An Ambassador? 

  1. Act as a mentor in class & encourage newbies ( Don’t correct form) 

    1. Help clarify exercises that they might have missed during class 

    2. Partner up with them during circuit training sessions 

    3. Encourage them throughout the class and be there for them. 

  2. Participate in and help with accountability for at least ONE challenge and one workshop per year. 

  3. Engage in Weekly Facebook posts on the Private Facebook groups to help build community. 

  4. Help serve as captains in running groups or races etc.


Benefits For Ambassadors:

  1. FREE access to workshops, specialty training, challenges, etc. 

  2. 10% discount on supplements 

  3. Free month membership for every client you refer 

  4. Be the first to know of any new events.


Automatic Ineligibility:

  1. Absent in class for more than three weeks 

  2. Membership Cancellation or delinquent membership 

  3. Failing to meet at least 3 of the outlined goals.


Ambassador Signature : ___________________________  Date:  ________________


Manager Signature : ____________________________

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